Acura has started testing ZDX EV prototypes and these photos give us our very first look at what to expect.

Acura foreshadowed the design themes for its first EV in August, with the Precision EV Concept. While it’s clear that the concept is the inspiration for the design of the ZDX, there are major differences between the show car, and real-world production model. The broad strokes of the concept’s design are in place—especially the dramatically-sculpted hood, the distinctive roof line, and the unique D-pillar treatment—but those design elements have been reworked to fit on its production platform that is shared with the Cadillac Lyriq.

The ZDX prototype appears to share the A-, B-, and C-pillar arrangement from the Lyriq, with Acura’s wholly unique design built upon that structural foundation. There are signs of the Acura concept’s pointed beak “grille" treatment behind the camouflage, but the production-minded ZDX gets a much more square-jawed front-fascia with a real-world front bumper and completely revised air-intakes. Placeholder lighting leaves the production lighting design a mystery at this point.

The body-side surface development shows similarities to the concept, but the shapes are not as organic, and adventurous as those on the Precision EV Concept. The concept’s lower side sill treatment is visible on the ZDX prototype. While Acura's concept did without any signs of door handles or pillars, the ZDX prototype gets real-world structure, and what appear to be protruding door handles (unlike the Lyriq’s flush treatment). The concept showed nearly invisible camera-based side mirrors on its belt line, while the ZDX has conventional mirrors mounted on its doors.

Despite the heavy camouflage, the ZDX prototype’s D-pillar design shows through clearly when the light hits it just right. We see a major design confluence between concept and production, with the show vehicle’s fresh take on the floating roof design theme translating to the prototype quite convincingly. The rear-fascia on the prototype looks like it will remain quite faithful to the prototype, as well.
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